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Alexandroupolis Port

The Greek port of Alexandroupolis is located at the most Northeastern part of Greece and is nowadays becoming more and more strategically important for the transition of cargoes due to the latest geopolitical and economic environment that has evolved. It accommodates bulk cargo, passenger, tourist and military ships. As the railway network of the Region is connected to the port, there is the dynamic of cargo loading and unloading from ships to train wagons and vice versa.

For a viewing presentation of the Port of Alexandroupolis, please click the OLA S.A. (Alexandroupolis Port Authority official website) link.

Οn December 17th, 2023, the FSRU “ALEXANDROUPOLIS” entered the waters of the Thracian Sea of Greece. The floating, storage, and regasification unit (FSRU) sailed away from Singapore anchorage on November 26th and started her journey to her new home in Alexandroupolis, Greece after completing an almost 10-month conversion at the Seatrium shipyard. The FSRU’s arrival at its permanent anchorage largely marks the completion of construction of this flagship National and Regional Project.

The FSRU is anchored through a spread 12-point mooring system. The FSRU is connected to the high-pressure subsea and onshore gas transmission pipeline, which, will deliver natural gas to the Greek Transmission System (“NNGTS”) and onwards to the final consumers in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia and further to Moldova and Ukraine to the East and Hungary and Slovakia to the West. The Terminal will be operational in the first quarter of 2024 and will have a maximum sustainable regasification capacity of 5.5 billion cubic meters a year.

The FSRU is named “ALEXANDROUPOLIS” in honor of the municipality and its citizens that embraced the Project from the beginning and will host the FSRU permanently in the Thracian Sea.

Evia Shipping Agencies has its own offices at Alexandroupolis and offers quality shipping agency services to all types of vessels that call to this port.

March 29, 2016